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Reduced Sickness

Fit employees are much less likely to get sick - if there is a bug going around the office,

those who don't look after themselves or exercise regularly are far more likely to fall ill. 

 Encouraging exercise among your staff could not only lead to a fall in the number of

short-term absentees, it could also have an effect on long-term absenteeism too.





Increase Productivity

Researchers expected that midday exercise would just enhance mood,

but the boosts in productivity surprised them,

proving that workplace exercise programmes benefit more than just the employees.





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From 3 per head.

Fitness classes are normally during lunch periods.

The workouts are around 30 minutes.

Sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The price depends on the number of attendees.

Discounts available for block or regular bookings.

We are fully insured along with 1st Aid training.

You'll need a suitable room or space that can be used for the session.

Includes FREE blood pressure clinics for all staff.



Terms & Conditions apply

We are very flexible and will do our best to accommodate your needs


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