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Fitness & Exercise


A healthy lifestyle does not mean hours of daily exercise and meal preparation.  It can be achieved from simply making sure you consume healthy foods, get plenty of sleep and partake in some form of physical activity that is enjoyable to you. I provide my clients with regular Health assessments, offering guidance and strategies on Lifestyle management.



Fitness is about keeping your internal organs functional and healthy.  I offer comprehensive fitness assessments with ongoing reviews, ensuring effective results that are sustainable.  I carefully structure fitness programmes around my clients on an individual basis. Working with a Trainer means that you exercise safely, reducing the risk of injury.


Building Muscle   Transforming your body


You may be naturally very slim, or you may have been advised by your doctor to put on some weight, or maybe you're a guy who wants to bulk up; if you have no idea how to go about building muscle mass and are unsure where to start, let me help you.


  Even with a few small diet and lifestyle changes, most clients will see a positive change in the way they look, but if you're looking to completely transform your body shape, you must be prepared to make some serious changes. It will only happen if you are 100% dedicated.


Nutrition   Joint or Back problems


A correct diet is paramount to achieving optimal health and fitness.  I provide education and guidance on nutrition, with a complete diet analysis. Please note that if clients are Vegetarian or Vegan they will require a Dietician.


  Many of my clients have joint, muscular or skeletal issues, such as spine conditions or injuries, painful knees or immobile joints.  I provide specialist Personal Training to help them to become fitter and stronger, leading a less painful and more mobile life.


Fat loss vvvvvvv Couples & Shared Sessions


There is a lot to consider when carrying extra weight, such as Blood pressure, Diabetes, fatigue, physical and mental stresses - it can be daunting and isolating, but it doesn't have to be.  There are so many exercises that you shouldn't be doing, and to slim down successfully and safely it must be done in a structured manner, to avoid adverse affects to your body.


I offer joint sessions for couples, or shared sessions for 4 or more people.  This has been proven to help with long-term commitment because you're sharing the same journey & supporting each other.  Joint or shared sessions have fixed prices, so you can split the cost between you



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