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GP Exercise Referral Specialist, Health Consultant & Nutritionist for Weight Management




Personal Background - I lost 4 stone of body fat

I was born in 1974 and I have 3 grown-up children. In my 20's I was obese and had no idea about food or nutrition.  I hated exercise. I never knew what exercise to do, or how to do it properly, and always gave up within a week.  Unfortunately I was in a very unhappy and toxic marriage and I turned to alcohol as a means to escape.  Consequently I became an alcoholic, also smoking around 15 cigarettes a day, and probably drinking just as many coffees.  I was in a bad way.  At the age of 33, weighing nearly 16 stone, I divorced my husband, joined a gym and concentrated on turning my life around.






Personal Trainer &

Nutritionist for Weight Management


After 2 years, I dropped 3 dress sizes, lost 4 stone of body fat, gained 1 stone of muscle mass and became a Personal Trainer in the process.  I set up my own company, Guardian Fitness, and have been helping people ever since. Despite my personal achievement and working as a PT, I still felt that my diet could be improved in order to aim for optimal health, so I went on to study "Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management".





GP Exercise Referral Specialist

& Health Consultant

As time went on I realised that so many of my clients had health conditions, that I really should endeavour to learn more about prescribing exercise for specific cases and populations.  Losing weight is far more than just looking good, it's about improving your quality of life, sometimes even saving your life!  So I studied a Diploma in GP Exercise Referral, which meant that I was qualified to work safely with people who have chronic health conditions, easing their symptoms and often reversing their condition.

I have extensive experience working within a GP referral scheme in London, and having worked closely with Doctors and Physiotherapists, I now help people with their precise medical and health needs. As part of my work in London, I also conduct comprehensive Health Assessments, often highlighting conditions people didn't even know they had. I would then work with them at rectifying the conditions, by prescribing relevant exercise and nutrition.

My specific areas are: Hypertension, Post-Cardiac Rehab, Diabetes, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Osteoarthritis, Mechanical Low Back Pain, Joint Replacement (hip/knee), COPD, Osteoporosis.

Neurological conditions that I work with: Stroke/TIA/CVA, Ataxia, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dementia, Brain injuries and secondary neurological conditions.





Never hire a health or fitness professional if they are not forthcoming with their qualifications or insurance details.  Too many so-called health and/or fitness professionals are just self-proclaimed "coaches", with no formal training or qualifications, and often no insurance.  For your peace of mind, my certificates are available to view upon request; my public liability insurance is through Balens Ltd, I have a current DBS certificate and my formal health and fitness qualifications are as follows:

 Core Fitness Education

 Level 3 Diploma in GP Exercise Referral

 Premier Global Ltd

 Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

 Swim England

 Level 3 Aquatic Exercise for Health Conditions

 Premier Global Ltd

 Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management

 Premier Global Ltd

 Master Kettlebell Instructor

 British Gymnastics Foundation

 "Love to move" Dementia friendly (Course Only)

 Premier Global Ltd

 Suspended Movement Instructor (TRX)

 Premier Global Ltd

 Level 2 Circuits Instructor

 Premier Global Ltd

 Level 2 Gym Instructor

 Doctor ABC

 Emergency 1st Aid (expires Oct 2022)

All of my health and fitness qualifications are UK REP's recognised. (Register of Exercise Professionals).






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