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"The Workout Box" is a unique card system that generates over 1000 full-body workouts that you can take with you anywhere.  It has been designed by a leading London Personal Trainer and GP Referral Specialist, so you know you're in good hands.  The workouts are properly structured with appropriate exercises in the correct order that they are meant to be performed, according to science.  You'll have the peace of mind, knowing that they aren't just random exercises thrown together with no planning.



Short of Time?  7 to 20 minutes per day

No problem, just do 1 round, which is like 6 or 7 minutes, then maybe do more later. Not many people like the idea of having to do hour-long workouts, and most people struggle to fit the time in around work and family. The 20 minutes of recommended daily exercise can be split into smaller chunks to suit your schedule. Don't allow exercise to become a chore, just do rounds as and when you can, and don't worry if you miss any - a little every day is better than 1 or 2 big workouts each week.


Simple to Use  No Lengthy Setup

People respond fastest to visual input. So when you are hot and sweaty, jumping around, being able to quickly see which colour card you just performed, means you're not having to stop to look at the cards. Likewise, the text is large so that you can read them from a workable distance while you exercise. No one wants to keep stopping their workout to read tiny print or a tiny phone screen. The cards are dead simple to use, with just 3 instructions to follow. No lengthy instructions!


Never Gets Boring   all of the workouts are different

Through years of experience with clients, I identified that most people do not like to follow strict, repetitive training programmes. They are not sustainable because people lose interest too quickly. Muscle tissue changes at 8 weeks, but people seldom last this long before they are bored of the training. With this in mind, I designed a system that would repetitively work muscle groups without the user becoming bored. There are over 1000 workouts in the box, and no two workouts are the same. We will even show you ways of changing up the workouts further..



Beginners to Athletes  and everyone in between

Beginners only need to do 1 round per day to start. This could be as little as 7 minutes! Over time, beginners are encouraged to aim for 20 minutes per day as a minimum. If a person cannot perform 10 repetitions of an exercise, that's okay, they should just do what they are capable of and no more. Pushing yourself beyond your limits is how injuries occur. Exercise modifications will be provided online to show people how to make the exercises easier. Likewise, we will show advanced users and Athletes how to make them harder. A fitness level table is included in the box.



Calorie Burn  helps with weight-loss

The system keeps you in a fat burning zone throughout the whole workout, including during your rests.  You will also continue to burn more calories for several hours after your workout. Because of this, it is great for weight-loss alongside a healthy and balanced diet. Not only will you burn subcutaneous fat (that which makes you visibly look larger), but you'll also burn Visceral fat - the nasty stuff, deep inside surrounding your internal organs.



early prototype designs


Compact and Portable 

the size of playing cards

My clients wanted something that they could use anywhere, which was lightweight and portable. Many wanted to have something that they could take to work, to the gym, to the park or to a friend's house. Several of my clients wanted something that they could take abroad on holiday, that would get through metal scanners and be light enough not to affect their luggage weight. All of this was taken into account when designing the system.




Whole Body Workouts  all muscle groups and joints are worked

The workouts involve cardiovascular and endurance training, targeting all muscle groups, including compound exercises for increased fat burn.  There is a combination of upper body, lower body and core exercises. These are complimented with cardiovascular and plyometric exercises to get your heart pumping!




Expertly Designed    you're in good hands

The Workout Box has been created by a GP exercise referral Specialist, Personal Trainer for neurological conditions and Health Consultant.  The system has been cleverly designed with colour-coded cards to provide safe, full-body workouts for optimal health benefits. Unlike many fitness apps that provide random exercises in no particular order, our system is carefully structured according to science.



Community     let's get together

We hope to establish a community where we can provide you with tips, guidance, advice, workouts, new exercises and challenges. We'll be there to answer your questions and provide support. Very soon we plan to have the exercises and some preset workouts available to you on YouTube so that you can learn proper exercise form. When you have your copy of The Workout Box, please send us photos and videos of you doing the exercises or upload them to the Facebook Group. We are very excited to be training with you!

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